All of the dogs featured on this page are looking for new homes.


Our dogs are adopted by their new owners, but in some instances we will place a dog in a home on what we call a Charity Assisted Basis.


What's the difference?

The only difference is that for a Charity Assisted dog, we will contribute towards some veterinary care costs.  In all other respects, everything else is the same as for a normal adoption.


Why do we do this?

There are three main reasons:

  • The dog is older (9-10 years +)
  • The dog has an existing veterinary condition which needs ongoing treatment
  • The dog has been in kennels for a long time and always seems to be overlooked in favour of another, usually younger, or easier dog.



             Hugo is an 8 year old male

               (Shepherd/cross) with a

               black and tan short coat


            Bobby is a 6 year old male

            with a light sable long coat.


            Chad is a Shepherd/Husky                       cross. He is 6 years old and

          has a black and tan short coat

For further information about adopting any of our dogs, please ring Gill on 0117-9537124