Ugo and Bon move to Italy

This is the adventure of Ugo and Bon and their move to Italy…..obviously accompanied by their human companions.


The priority was to get a passport, this was really easy: we had to have an antirabic vaccination and then after 10 days the booklets were ready with all the information and the vaccines.  This will cost around £120 per dog.  For all dog owners travelling abroad: please check that all the important information like date of birth, microchip number etc are correct, vets are not always right.  Also check with your vets regarding how to protect your pet against insects such as tiger mosquitos etc


Mom carefully planned our trip through Europe and divided it up into 5 days, no more than 5 hours in the car per day.  All our overnight stops needed to be apartments with garden as we are truly and utterly German Shepherds and appreciate our own company.  Dad studied the route down to Italy and diligently put all the details in the navigation system.



The day (3rd Sep 2017) arrived quickly….the car was packed with all the essentials to keep two very-loved wolves comfortable and stress-free; Mom and Dad managed to stuff their clothes into a small trolley….so off we went..

Tewkesbury - Folkestone Eurotunnel

This is a doggy-friendly place, make sure you get there in plenty of time - there are green dedicated enclosures with artificial grass (no muddy paws) where we can stretch our legs and play with other dogs. (Sorry, not in our case)

The travelling time on the train is 35 minutes, £18 per pet each way. We got there just before 2pm and we were embarked on an early train, great!

You will not need to display all your documentation on the way out but pets and paperwork will get checked out on the way back in. Always check with the vet once you are abroad regarding worming tablets to get before coming back to the UK.


So far so good, no stress, mom and dad kept on checking on us two though.

Just over half an hour and we arrived in France, ready for a short drive from Calais to Gite de la Chapelle, our first stop.

We recommend  Gite de la Chapelle, situated in Landrethun Les Ardres, it’s a very nice and spacious apartment ….ideal for us two as being on one floor we can keep an eye on Mom and Dad.


Landlady was pleasant too and the village was really pretty.

Day two – Le Quebec – Arrigny

Another trip in the car, weather ok, not too warm and plenty of stops for drinks and leg stretching…

Got there, and after a long drink we took Mom and Dad for a long walk as usual.

Very characteristic house but no garden (not very clear when Mom booked it…) however we found a lovely woodland nearby so we didn’t miss out on anything!


Have a look at the two of us sitting proudly in the back of our car ready to go!!

Day three – Soucieu en Jarrest – last stop in France

      This is the part of the trip we all enjoyed the most.....              driving through the Alps!!!

      In the photo that is Ugo looking at the mountains!

      The border with Italy is via the Tunnel du Frejus, Mont            Blanc which is about €44


      Next stop will be Val della Torre B&B Caterina (near Turin)

Day four B&B Caterina Turin – absolutely fantastic and doggy friendly – highly recommended.

Day five: Volterra Tuscany

Beautiful stone cottage accommodation in the countryside.

Look at us waiting for Dad to go and get some food and wine (not for us unfortunately) from the nearby restaurant.

Another stunning place for the 4 legged pooches,


please take a look at the following photos

And finally……..only three hours to go to our final destination…the fun can start!!!

The following photos show us walking and splashing along Lake Bolsena, our new home.


We have been amazingly calm and very good all the way to here….we must say that it has been worthwhile as the weather is lovely and the food is fresh and yummy.