GSD 2000 operates in the South West of the UK and was first registered with the Charity Commission in January 2000 - hence the name.  The Charity's mission is to relieve the suffering and distress of unwanted, abandoned or badly-treated German Shepherd dogs by finding them homes with suitable keepers in carefully selected environments, where they can enjoy a safe, happy life.


Some dogs are homed quite quickly - others take a bit longer, but the most important thing is that the dog and new owner are right for each other.  Prospective homes are checked to ensure they meet the Charity's strict guidelines before adoption papers are completed.


However, if family circumstances change, any dog that GSD 2000 has re-homed will be accepted back into care at any time.


Our long-term aim is to lease or purchase land with kennelling facilities, but until that time Rescue Dogs are cared for in fully approved, licensed accommodation.  




To contact GSD 2000:


If it's about a dog  -  please call Gill on 0117 9537124


General enquiries  -  please call Sue on 01639 721874

                                       or email:  gsdweb1@sky.com

The early days were tough, with no money available other than from those who had started the Charity.  Our chief fundraiser was Kathy Moyse; her foresight and enthusiasm enabled us to have our own charity shop.

Despite the misgivings of some of the Trustees, it soon became apparent that the shop would be a real success, and it wasn't long before Kathy decided to give up her job so that she could concentrate on doing what she liked best - working in the shop and promoting the Charity. 


Kathy was the driving force of the Charity, not just in the shop but also in her enthusiasm and love for the dogs.

It was a very sad day when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in January 2003. She died on New Year's Eve the same year - she was just 57 years old, the youngest and most energetic of us all.  She never stopped working for the Charity in those last few months, making sure that what she had set out to do would continue in safe hands


Her dog Max came from HM Prison Service at the age of 12 months when he was considered "unfit for duty" after breaking a leg whilst being exercised.  This picture from June 2003 shows him with Kathy at the Holsworthy Vintage Rally.

Kathy was always the leading light of GSD 2000, and we must ensure the flame is never allowed to fade.