Holly was a very special dog who made a big difference to a lot of people - her story was written by her owner.


You may, or may not, remember that around 8 years ago I adopted Holly from you to come and live me with me in my pub. I had quite a grilling about adopting a German Shepherd to come and live in a pub, primarily to make sure I wasn’t going to use Holly as a guard dog. I fortunately persuaded you all of my good intentions.   


After many happy years together Holly went to sleep for the last time on Boxing Day. She popped down to the pub for special lunch treats from Ian (a regular customer who, at the tender age of 80, was terrified of dogs until he met Holly - he came in twice a day, every day just to see her, I think). She then had a little walk in the afternoon and back home for a wee snooze. Later that evening she went out into the garden for a little bark at the badgers - she did enjoy barking at the badgers. She came back in at 9.30pm, had a head scratch, she liked those, and a slurp of water. She then curled up in her favourite spot and went to sleep. There was no whimper or noise. Half an hour later I walked passed her and realised she had gone, she was very peaceful and to most would have just looked as if she was asleep. 


I would firstly, like to thank you for helping me meet such a wonderful companion. Secondly, I want you to know she was a much loved dog. When she first came home with me she was so nervous of people, but, with a lot of gentle support from not just me but also my customers and friends, she became convinced anyone who visited the pub came just to see her - and she loved it.

Ian, who I mentioned earlier, was possibly the one she helped the most.  However, he wasn't the only one.  From the injured Marine, who couldn't go for a run due to his injuries, who she would go on a walk with, giving him a reason to go out and keep trying, to helping puppies become socialised by being so tolerant of their quirks on their first visit to a pub, and the children she helped overcome their fear of dogs (my favourite will always be "is that a wolf?")

Holly never seemed to be getting old and I was, and still am, completely distraught at her leaving.  I am, however, extremely grateful that she never suffered.


In due course I would like to be considered to helping another one of your dogs, but not just yet, I still haven't realised that Holly isn't here anymore.


Again, thank you for introducing us, I truly hope Holly had a great life and I will miss her beyond measure.