GSD 2000


Registered Charity Number:  1078823

Please scroll down for information on Coronavirus and Pets

GSD 2000 - German Shepherd Rescue & Re-home, was formed to alleviate the suffering and distress of unwanted, abandoned or badly-treated German Shepherd Dogs.


Since gaining charity status in January 2000, we have helped more than 1200 dogs in the South West, Southern Counties, Midlands and South Wales.

The "Comfort in Crisis" Campaign aims to provide clear guidance to owners on how to look after their pets

during the current COVID-19 crisis


GSD 2000 is pleased to share the advice - along with a few pictures of our Members' dogs!

For help with re-homing your dog, adopting one of ours, or general enquiries, please ring  0117-9537124

GSD 2000 is a Member of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes